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What issues should be paid attention to when using small concrete mixer

In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy and the development of science and technology, the metropolitan infrastructure, construction team and real estate industry have been expanding quickly, and the status of mechanical equipment  has been increasingly significant. Currently, concrete mixer has a rapid development both at home and abroad, thus increasing the international competitiveness. In order to meet market demands and improve the product lines to meet the small construction and laboratory needs, the small concrete mixer was produced. It is in a closed space to mix and transport materials, which can help improve working efficiency, guarantee work’s health and reduce damage to the environment in construction.

Small Concrete Mixer Usage and Maintenance 

First, please idle running the blender and check whether the rotating direction accords with the operating instructions. After stopping, check the clearance between blade and cylinder; then, put the material into the barrel, boot stirring; next, slowly put defined amount of water into the barrel. When the materials mixed well, then, stop the machine, open the discharge port and remove the mixing materials.

(1) Regularly lubricate the bearing parts with grease according to the use condition.

(2) Always check the machine’s sealing situation, if there is any leakage, you should timely check the sealing device.

(3) Always check the machine’s fastening situation, if there are any loose screws, you should tighten them in time.

(4) Mixing blade and mixing drum will be worn for long time use, please pay more attention to check and adjust the clearance between the blade and cylinder bottom.

(5) In mixing process, do not put your hands or rod-shaped objects from the charging hole into the charging barrel to avoid danger.

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