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What issues should be paid attention to when choosing concrete batching plant



Do you know what issues should be paid attention to when choosing concrete batching plant? In the following cases, we recommend that you’d better do as the suggestions:

1. When the construction site needs a large pouring amount and no reinforcements near the concrete batching plant, you’d better choose two small specification concrete batching plants.

2. When the traffic of the construction site is inconvenient, you can choose small batching plant, or prepare enough spare parts to ensure the smooth construction progress.

3. When the construction sites are scattered, but the distance is not far among each other, you’d better choose concentrated concrete batching plant to improve its efficiency and economic benefits.

4. When you choose the concrete batching plant, you also should consider the requirements to the operator. In general, the structure of small concrete batching plant is relatively simple and its control system is also simple. Therefore, the requirements to the operation and maintenance personnel are low; while, the requirements of the large, complicated structure and high degree of automation concrete batching plants will be higher.

5. Generally, the manufacturer has its mature production configuration, such as specification, quantity, variety, etc. You can also put forward your special requirements when choosing the plant.

6. When choosing the plant, you must avoid trying to pursue the greatest or the most perfect one, which will lead to unnecessary waste.

7. In addition to refer to the prices of different manufacturers, you also should pay attention to the specific system configuration.

In conclusion, when choosing concrete batching plant, you should do not pursue the best, but pursue the most appropriate one, which will be the most economic and most effective.

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