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Outstanding effect of belt conveyor in commercial concrete batching plant

What shall we pay more attention to when the belt conveyor of concrete batching plant is running?

1. Keeping the belt running in the middle to make the belt wear uniformly.

2. The contact length between the rubber scraper of sweeper and the belt should not be less than 85% of the width of the belt.

After a period of running time, the belt conveyor will undergo  plastic deformation because of the change of stretching force or weather, which contributes to the slip between belt and electric roller. The user can add some colophony powder to increase the friction between the belt and the roller. In addition, the user can appropriately adjust the tension device to ensure enough friction between the belt and the roller to meet the needs of production.

Due to ground subsidence, frame bearing deformation, installation and other factors, the belt may deviate. If the center line of the roller and the belt are out of plumb, the user can adjust the roller position through tensioning mechanism. Of course, there is a variety of reasons causing belt deviation. This method can achieve quick-fixed purpose. We should further analysis the reason according to the machine’s specific circumstance.

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