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Differences between reversing drum concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer


Along with the development of the times, there are many types of concrete mixers, so people should choose the concrete mixer according to their needs. Concrete mixer is also an important equipment of concrete mixing station. Let’s analyze the differences between reversing drum concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer according to their definition and apppcation fields.

Definition analysis

Reversing drum concrete mixer is also called self-falpng mixer. The mixture was put into a rotating drum. Following the rotation of the drum, the blades raise the mixture to a certain height, then freely self-falpng. It is suitable for mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete.

The mixing drum of forced type concrete mixer is fixed and only the blades of the rotation axis mix. Forced type concrete mixer has high production and efficiency; but its disadvantage is that large power consumption and the blades easily worn. In general, this type of concrete mixer is used to mix dry concrete.

Apppcation fields differences

Reversing drum concrete mixerapppes to the general construction sites, roads and bridges and small and medium sized prefabricated factoryand. The user can dig a hole for fixed mix; it can make the hopper orifice level with the ground. By this way, feeding will be more convenient.

Forced type concrete mixer apppes to various kinds of large skip type concrete mixing plant, medium and small scale prefabricated factory diesel concrete mixer, and roads, bridges, water conservancy, docks and other industries. It can mix dry concrete, plasticity concrete, flow concrete and various mortar.

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