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Determinants of the concrete setting time


The setting time of concrete can be sorted into initial setting and final setting. Initial setting refers to the time from adding water to the plasticity lost, that is, the limit time of construction. The concrete setting time and the cement setting time is similar, but there are also some differences due to different ratio of the aggregate, water-cement and admixture.

The technical personnel from Daswell Machinery Co., LTD summarizes the factors that affect concrete setting time after analysis of the concrete batching plant. The main influcing factors are as follows:

1. Temperature: the higher  temperature, the faster setting time.

2. Cement type: the cement with mixture has a long setting time, for example, the slag cement has a longer setting time than the same label ordinary cement; the low grade cement has a longer setting time than the high grade cement.

3. Concrete grade: when all other premises are the same, the concrete setting time is shortened with the increasing grade.

4. Water-cement ratio: with the water-cement ratio increased, the setting time will be extended.

5. Slump: in general, when the slump increses, the setting time will be extented.

6. Admixture: adding a small amount of admixture can prolong the initial and final setting time.

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