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Concrete mixer safety regulations for operation

Concrete mixers range from the very large commercial mixing truck to the smaller diesel concrete mixers, portable concrete mixer sometimes called a “mini mixer”. A concrete mixer is comprised primarily of a motor, a rotating drum. When use the concrete mixer, we should pay attention to some safety regulation.

Safety in use

1, the mixer should be set at a flat position, with square wooden paving the front and rear axles, making the tires put high overhead so as to avoid moving when the machine runs.

2, the mixer should implement the secondary leakage protection. Before starting work, the user must carefully check the machine. The machine cannot be used until pass through commissioning. The user should check whether the drum rotation speed is appropriate when commissioning. In general, the idle speed machine is faster than the loaded car 2~3 turn. If the deviation is large, the user should adjust the proportion of wheel and driving wheel.

3, mixing barrel rotation direction should comply with the arrow direction, if not, should correct motor wiring.

4, the user should check whether the clutch and brake is flexible, and whether the wire ropes and pulley are in good condition.

5, after the boot, always pay attention to whether the blender parts are working properly. When stop the machine, often check whether the mixer blade is bent or the screw is loose.

6, when the mixing is finished or expected to pause more than 1 hour, in addition to take out of the remaining materials in the barrel, the user also should pour water into the barrel to clean the mortar on the cypnder and keep cypnder inside dry.

7, after work, the user should turn off the power and lock the switch box to ensure safety.

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