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Classification and distinctions of common concrete mixers

There are many kinds of concrete mixers on the market, for example, the common mixers like reversing drum concrete mixer, vertical concrete mixer, single/twin concrete mixer, etc.

JZC reversing drum concrete mixer, one of the most common reversing drum concrete mixers, is a small model of civilian mixer equipment. Reversing drum concrete mixer can be subpided into climbing bucket reversing drum mixer, reversing drum diesel mixer, reversing drum mixer with lift, etc.

Reversing drum concrete mixer is transmitted by a drum gear, and its advanced hydraulic pressure system is adopted to open and close the discharging door. If under the situation of sudden power failure, the manual pump can be used to open the discharging valve for emergency discharge to avoid agglomeration. This type of mixer can mix plasticity and damp half-dry concrete. It is widely used on ordinary construction sites, roads, bridges projects and concrete prefabricated parts factories.

Climbing bucket reversing drum mixer is generally used to mix plasticity and semi-rigid concrete. Its drum rotates clockwise during mixing and anti-clockwise during discharging. This type of mixer has a supreme design and compact structure so that it has the advantages of stable working, convenient operation, good mixing quality and high productivity. It is applicable to various kinds of large and medium scale prefabricated factories and all kinds of construction sites, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and other projects.

The power of reversing drum diesel concrete mixer is diesel, which is very convenient for circuit impassability or power shortage area. Its feed hopper is operated by hydraulic pressure system, which is convenient to operation and has high efficiency.

According to different construction requirements, there are various concrete mixers; some mixer’s name are similar, but their functions are very different. Therefore, you’d better carefully choose the most suitable one for your own. If you have any question about concrete mixing equipment, please call Daswell Machinery or query the Daswell concrete mixer official website.

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