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Brief introduction about concrete mixing equipment operation precautions

Understanding concrete batching plant safety operation instructions not only can prevent accidents, but also can prolong service life of the equipment. What matters should be noticed when operating concrete mixing equipment? 

Today, the experts from Daswell will give us an introduction about concrete mixing equipment operation precautions. The main precautions are as follows:
Ⅰ the power standard: The system uses 380V, 50Hz three-phase five-wire supply system (TN-S system).

Ⅱ the operator’s responsibilities: the operator must be trained and skilled workers.

Ⅲ the main components of concrete batching plant include mixing console, flat belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor, etc.. When the device is running, the operator must be away from the machine enough distance avoiding wounding.

Ⅳ when lightning weather, the device should not be started; the operator should turn off the system and disconnect the main power.

Ⅴ mixing console and conveyor belt should avoid overloaded running. After replaced the sensor, the scale must be recalibrated.

Ⅵ concrete mixer discharge area is prohibited to stand. Never put hands or something into the machine when it is running to avoid accidents.
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