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Analysis the mixing effect of single/twin shaft concrete mixer


There are many types of concrete mixers. We are very familiar with reversing drum concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer, which also can be classified according to single/twin shaft. Do you know the differences between single concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer? In the following, our experts from Daswell will give you a brief explanation about their differences from the mixing effect.

Single shaft concrete mixer can mix plasticity concrete, rigid concrete, light aggregate, mortar, etc. It has the advantages of wide application range, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and noise. It is an ideal choice for construction sites as well as small and medium scale concrete batching plant.

The mixing principle of single horizontal shaft and self-falling concrete mixer is very similar. The function of the shafts and blades is to raise the aggregate to a certain height, and then make it free falling. The effective working volume of single horizontal shaft concrete mixer is larger than the theoretical design. The overall height of single horizontal concrete mixer is bigger than the twin shaft concrete mixer.

The twin shaft concrete mixer can mix dry hard concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. It is applicable to various sizes of precast plant as well as industrial and urban construction.

The twin shaft concrete mixer rotates in radial direction and axial direction at the same time during the mixing process. Its primary mixing zone is in the circumferential direction of the agitator. The mixer takes full advantage of the mixing space to mixer the aggregate, cement and water. As a result, the mixer can achieve the most optimal mixing model and obtain the best mixing effect.

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