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What we should pay more attention to when concrete mixer is stirring materials?

All staff who has the basic knowledge of concrete mixer maintenance knows that it is essential to pay special attention to many aspects, such as the boot, the use process, the stirring process and the shutdown, and finally the regular maintenance and repair in order to increase service life.

The following details are about what we should pay more attention to when concrete mixer is stirring the materials

1. The operator should keep his body away from the machinery.

2. Firmly grasp the packaging materials (such as woven bags, paper bags, barrels) to prevent these falling into material hopper and wrapped in the mixer. In the event of this accident, one should shut down the machine immediately. Pulling the packing materials out during the operation is prohibited in case of accidental injury.

3. The operator should keep stay there when the agitator shaft rise or fall in case of having accidents due to switch failure.

4. The agitator shaft should not be raised excessively in the operation in case of stirring the paints out.

5. The operator should not allow starting the engine frequently in a short period of time.

6. During the operation, operator should promptly clean up the agitator shaft avoiding accidents due to the sleeves rolling to the agitator shaft.

7. The mixing drum should be connected to the static conductive device and sound grounded.


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