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Little secrets of concrete batching plant

Concrete mixing plant: concrete mixer (JS Series), concrete batching machine (PLD Series), cement silo (bulk cement silo or sheet cement silo), screw conveyor (LSY series), control systems (centralized control system or full automatic control system), a device has its own unique secret, here we come to understand some of the concrete mixing station "little secret".

Concrete mixing station is operated by a control system for the operation of the entire mixing plant HZS series concrete batching plant control system uses state-of-the-art control system, reliable performance, easy operation, a print function, with air conditioning, so be sure to pay attention to the control system. Daily inspection, once found abnormal control system, dedicated staff to ask to use after the overhaul.


Host of concrete mixing station, are generally JS series twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, blender is intended for plastic, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortar, mortar mixing, is a use of a very wide range of concrete mixer JS series concrete mixer is not used alone, used generally want to configure the PLD series concrete batching machine with in order to make the production more efficient.

Concrete batching machine is indispensable equipment in concrete mixing station, PLD series concrete batching machine is currently the world's smallest ingredients control instrumentation, batching accuracy and stability, and advanced calculation methods, effective control error; dispensing equipment is an advanced and effectiveto protect the quality of the concrete production.

The cement silo Needless to say, both how models of concrete mixing station are ultimately the use of cement silo, cement silo is also very simple to use, but the cement silo more reserves, outrigger load-bearing large, so the cement silo legs’ protection is very important.

More fully to understand the secrets of the concrete mixing station, more convenient to use, more secure, so be sure not to miss these concrete mixing station "little secret" ah!

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