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JS series twin-shaft concrete mixer installation and commissioning

JS series twin-shaft concrete mixer is a compulsory mixer weighing system, which is very popular both at home and abroad. Now, let’s learn about the installation and commissioning of JS series twin-shaft concrete mixer.

ⅠConcrete mixer installation

1. The concrete mixer installation site should be level; the mouth of pit should be higher than the ground.

2. Using a crane lifts the mixer to install the outrigger. When install the machine, the operator should pay attention to keep the rack at the same level.

ⅡConcrete mixer inspection before commissioning

1. Check whether the lubrication of the concrete mixer reducer and components is adequate.

2. Check whether the motor and electrical devices wiring are secure.

3. Check whether the connecting bolt is firm, especially moving parts; if there are any loose parts, the operator should fix it immediately.

4. Check whether the wire rope is neatly arranged on the reel, if there are any loose, the rope should be winded again.

Ⅲ Concrete mixer commissioning

1. Start the blender motor, check whether the rotation direction of belt pulley is consistent with the label; if there is any wrong, change the power supply wiring.

2. Start the motor to lift the hopper, check whether the upper and lower limit is firm.

3. Open and close the discharging door, and check whether the discharging door in the right place.

4. Start the pump motor, and check the rotation direction.

5. Unscrew the pump screw-plug and pour water into it until the water is full of pump cavity and the suction pipe, and then tighten the screw.

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