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Features Introduction of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

  Twin shaft concrete mixer is widely used in engineering construction, before purchasing, you should should have good knowledge about the structural design characteristics of the double shaft concrete mixer.

  The structure of twin shaft concrete mixer is complex than single shaft mixer, but the wear is small, mixing quality is good, production efficiency is high. In the following, let us talk about the advantages of double shaft concrete mixer.

twin shaft concrete mixer

  Twin shaft concrete mixer has the advantages of small size, low height, compact arrangement, convenient loading and transportation, reasonable structure and good working reliability.

  Biaxial concrete mixer volume, high efficiency, with the same capacity of self falling type compared, mixing time can be shortened by more than half, and material movement area is located in the unloading material above the door, unloading feeding time between than other types of short and high productivity.

  The mixing drum diameter of JS concrete mixer is a half smaller than the same capacity vertical shaft concrete mixer; its agitator speed is similar with the vertical mixer, but its blade is a half smaller than vertical mixer. Therefore, its blade and lining board have low wear rate and long service time. Besides, its material is not easy to isolate.

  The mixing area of double shaft concrete mixer focuses on the region between two shafts; the material has short stroke, full compression and high frequency, thus its mixing quality is good.

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