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Mixing Quality of Mini Concrete Mixer Equipment

  How about mixing function and mixing quality of mini concrete mixer for sale? The following is specific for you to introduce the mixing function and mixing quality of portable concrete mixer:

  Concrete mixer mixing function has the following several points:

  1. Concrete mixer can make the composition of the macro and micro uniform;

  2. Concrete mixer can destroy the agglomeration phenomenon of cement particles, and promote the development of the dispersion phenomenon;

  3. The initial damage of concrete mixer hydrate film coated layer of cement particle surface;

  4. Concrete mixer can promote inter particle collision and friction, reduce the impact of dust thin film;

  5. Concrete mixer can improve the mixing material of each unit body in motion frequency and motion trajectory of the crossover frequency, concrete mixer accelerated homogenization;

Mini concrete mixer equipment

  Mixing quality of reversing drum concrete mixer equipment:

  In order to ensure the mixing quality of concrete, the concrete mixture is required to be mixed evenly, the mixing time is short, the discharge is fast, the residue is low, the energy consumption is low and the pollution is little. Main factors affecting the quality of the concrete mixer mixing: structural form of mixer, mixer feeding capacity and mixing drum of the geometrical volume ratio, mixture feeding programs and feed location, stirring blade configuration and arrangement of the geometry, stirring speed and blade liner wear conditions.

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