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Why does mobile concrete mixer need scheduled maintenance

     With the continuous development of science and technology, and the wide application of new technology and technology, the types of concrete mixer is more complete, its structure is more complex, its performance is more superior, and people’s demand on its operation skills and equipment maintenance technology also becomes higher. The operating personnel of mechanical equipment should have certain fault judgments and maintenance skills, at the same time they should also have high sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit. Next, let’s talk about the reason why mobile concrete mixer needs scheduled maintenance.


mobile concrete mixer


    The daily maintenance is the premise and basis to use the equipment. After the mobile concrete mixer has been used in the different environments for a long term, the mechanical parts will be worn and the interval will increase, which will directly affect the original performance of mobile concrete mixer. And the stability, reliability and service efficiency of the equipment will also be considerably reduced, even it will make its inherent basic performance lost and make it unable to run normally.

     So, the equipment will need an overhaul or replacing, which will undoubtedly increase the enterprise cost and affect the rational allocation of resources. Therefore, it is necessary to establish scientific and effective equipment management mechanism, strengthen the daily management, and set up a scientific and reasonable equipment maintenance plan.


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