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Announcements of Mini Concrete Mixer in Summer

     The summer climate characteristics and working environment requirement of mini concrete mixer require mini concrete mixer users to make a summer work plan for the concrete mixer. In addition, concrete mixer users should also pay attention to the following matters.

     1. Sunstroke prevention. High temperature is adverse to mini concrete mixer, especially when its bearing temperature rises, the lubrication effect will reduce, and the cylinder will produce certain thermal stress, which will make lining board screw broken; on the other hand, working under the high temperature also has a bad effect to the health of operators, and the efficiency is not high at this situation. We can lower the temperature of electrical machine or place the mini concrete mixer in the ventilated place, which is a great help to the air flow and decreasing the temperature of mini concrete mixer.


Mini Concrete Mixer


     2. Equipment protection in rainy day. As we all know that the highway construction work is generally in the outdoor environment, so the electrical apparatus control system and micro-electronics control device of mini concrete mixer are easily to be struck by lightning. Lightning stroke has great destructive power, and its destructive effect is comprehensive. The great lightning current of direct lightning can be transformed into a lot of heat energy in a very short time and can burn the asphalt and other flammable items, which will cause a fire. Therefore, mini concrete mixer users need to do a good job of lightning protection in thunderstorm weather.

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