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How to Maintain the Steel Wire Rope of Mobile Concrete Mixer

     The mobile concrete mixer mainly elevates concrete to specified floor through the pathway. And in the whole process, steel wire rope is the main quick-wear part. In general, the mobile concrete mixer will use the steel wire rope in these three processes: ascending the feed hopper section, ascending ladder parts and ascending out of hopper. This needs us to put the steel wire rope maintenance of mobile concrete mixer as an important work.

     We should pay attention to the following aspects in our daily operation:

     1.Pay attention to whether the steel wire rope is knotted when we are using the mobile concrete mixer.

     2. We should often smear some butter to the steel wire rope, which has the lubrication effect.


Mobile Concrete Mixer


     3. In the process of using, per shift should check the wear and butter condition of steel wire rope. If there is any problem with the steel wire rope, we should handle them in time before we use the mobile concrete mixer. This is very critical for the happening of the accident is often because of the negligence of the work.

     4. If you feel the steel wire rope couldn’t elevate the hopper all of a sudden, then you should be decisive to turn off the machine, shut off the main power supply, and check the ladder parts and steel wire rope to see whether they are blocked or the steel wire rope is knotted. Forcibly operating the machine or narrowly doing ascending operation is not allowed, for it would be more likely to have accidents.

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