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Imitation Concrete Mixer Impedes the Benign Development of Industry

     It has been more than ten years since the concrete mixer occurred, but why doesn’t the function of the concrete mixer have too much development after ten years of development?

     When the market competition is white-hot, the first thing we think of is to reduce cost and compete in price, rather than the product innovation. Because product innovation will spend a lot of manpower and financial resources, and your work achievement could eventually be copied by nearby manufacturers, this is so called “Chinese fake”, so each manufacturer would rather reduce cost and compete in price than upgrade the product and do technical innovation. Because of this, the concrete mixer is as always and has no development though it has developed for more than ten years.


 Concrete Mixer


     So, have the concrete mixer been already very perfect yet? The answer is no. The concrete mixer is bulky and cumbersome to use now. It needs a lot of labour, and its operating process is tedious. So we can say that the improvement space of concrete mixer is very big, and it is just because the Chinese fake affects the innovative impetus of each big manufacturer. Only by avoiding Chinese fake can each big manufacturer have power and courage to create better and more advanced equipment.

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