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Specific Explanation of Daswell Concrete Mixer

      Daswell Machinery is specialized in producing concrete mixer, forced type concrete mixer, horizontal type concrete mixer and other series of products. Our concrete mixer can meet the test requirements of different industries and customers, and our concrete mixer has the characteristics of first-class quality, technology and service. Maybe many users do not know the advantages and disadvantages of the ladder type concrete mixer, today Daswell engineer will give you a specific explanation here.


Concrete Mixer


     The mechanical ladder type concrete mixer is the oldest concrete mixer, which can realize the integration of mixing and promotion, and improve the production efficiency. But its disadvantage is that the installation and disassembly of the hoisting frame is a laborious and time-consuming process in the pre-construction. From this point, the technical personnel of our company researched and developed the automatic hydraulic ladder concrete mixer, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity and is very popular with users, so its market demand is greater than supply, and the consulting telephone is in an endless stream everyday.

     Concrete mixer is a kind of mixing machinery, who mainly uses the ladder assembly, pulley and other tools to elevate the concrete. And it can elevate the concrete to different floors according to your different needs. Besides, it does not require manual installation and dismantling, all the work is done through its hydraulic equipment.

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