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How to Reasonably Place the Concrete Batching Plant?


In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and urbanization in China, the ready-mixed concrete industry is developing fast. However, in the developing process of commercial concrete industry, there are many unscientific problems, for example, the placement of concrete batching plant is not reasonable enough. Then Daswell will introduce some methods on how to place the concrete batching plant reasonably.

Firstly, the sand and stone pile sites should be large enough to meet the demands of engineering, and it is convenient to supplement the materials; the ground of site should be hard, and this can make the loader charge materials easily and prevent the soil and other impurities from being mixed in the concrete.

concrete batching plant

Next, the main engine and feeding and batching system of concrete batching plant should be collocated according to the construction period of a project and concrete demand; generally, a project sets up a set of concrete batching plant, and it can collocate the concrete batching plant separately, or sets up a large concrete plant and then collocate some concrete mixing trucks to meet the needs of concrete continuously.

In addition, one concrete batching plant should be collocated 1 to 2 water pools to ensure the demands of mixing concrete and cleaning the machinery. A production line should be set up two cement bins at least, and use them in turn and replenish cement timely. The two bins not only can meet the demands of production, but also can make the cement be not overstocked.  

Finally, the engineering can choose concrete pump to delivery the ready-mixed concrete. The concrete pump can meet the needs of long distance and high-rise buildings; generally, it is set up in the front of concrete mixer, and it pours concrete with pump directly.

There are several main points for placing the concrete batching plant. Other components of concrete batching plant can be set up according to the production needs.

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