Diesel portable concrete mixer

Diesel concrete mixer

Diesel concrete mixer

Daswell JZR series diesel concrete mixers are mobile type, which are very convenient to move anywhere. The drum rotates in one direction for mixing and in the opposite direction for discharging the concrete. This series diesel concrete mixer has 350L and 500L output capacity. The aggregate size is required to be smaller than 60 mm.

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Features of Diesel concrete mixer:

1. Power source: diesel engine,  and no demands for electricity.

2. Easily movable between sites.

3. Compact structure, higher reliability,  uniform mixing.

4.Add a water pump for water circulation between water tank and water radiator, and keep the water temperature to be stable.

5.Remove the air sucking point from the back to the front to reduce suction of dust

diesel concrete mixers parts diesel concrete mixers parts

Working Principle of Diesel concrete mixer

There are two types of blades attached to the inner walls of the drum. One set drags the concrete upwards and toward the center of the mixer when the drum rotates in one direction; the second set of blades pushes the concrete toward the opening when the drum rotates in the other direction. The blades have a spiral arrangement to obtain the desired effect for discharging and mixing.

diesel concrete mixers diesel concrete mixers

Application of Diesel concrete mixer

Daswell JZR series diesel concrete mixers are suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete. It is widely used in roads, bridges, water projects or other industrial and civil projects, specially most popular in tight-electricity countries.

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