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HBT20/JZM350 Concrete mixer pump

HBT20/JZM350 Concrete mixer pump

Supporting concrete pump ground should be flat, solid; whole need to horizontally, in the course of their work should not tilt. The legs should be able to stably support the whole machine, and reliably locked or fixed. The location of the pump is necessary to facilitate the mixer truck out of the hopper feed, but also consider conducive to pumping piping and reduce pumping pressure loss, at the same time from the pouring location, power supply, water supply.

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Should be based on the characteristics of the construction site and concrete pump placement scheme piping, piping design, checking the level of the pipeline converter distance is compatible with concrete pump pumping distance. Piping length of the pipeline should be as short as possible, and use elbow and hose as few as possible. The laying of the pipeline should be easy for pipe cleaning, troubleshooting, and disassembly and maintenance. When the new tube and the mix of the old pipe, the new pipe should be arranged in the concrete pump pressure at. It should be drawn in the piping process piping diagram, specifications and quantity lists various pipe fittings, tube cards, elbow and hose, etc., and to provide a list.


The company developed the stirring concrete pump main features: mixing and pumping into one, simple to operate, easy to move, flexible and stable performance. The pump construction operation system used in all automated, all material mixing, high pressure pumping as one; Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system, hydraulic system greatly enhance the stirring Concrete pump overall reliability and ensure pump strive foolproof work under harsh conditions.


Stirring conveying concrete pump can be applied  to small and medium-sized, constructions, especially suitable for small-scale rural civil construction, the various cave Construction of the township and new rural construction, mined, road and rail tunnels, etc.; The machine is beneficial for water resources, hydropower engineering, geological disaster, slope governance, basic irrigation, concrete pouring, and large or narrow space construction. To ensure zero failures of pump, the configuration with high-performance structural system is installed.


Advanced S valve commutation is installed, to meet the delivery of the concrete; glasses plate and cutting ring  have the high carbide materials and longer life; engage outlet pressure to meet the high-rise buildings and long-distance transport; hydraulic cooling water has cooling effect is easy to use; anti-pump function, and minimize the pipes get clogged; it is equipped with a manual centralized lubrication system, to ensure the rotating service life; wired remote control cabinet with handle for easy operation.


Drum stirring device is equipped with ring gear transmission, hopper driven by taper motor, and reversing uniform mixing tube driven by the electrical control. It has the features of low energy consumption, compact structure, smooth operation, reliable transmission, simple operation, mixing quality, high production efficiency, and high degree of automation. The perfect combination of mixing and pumping can be your preferred power.

Mixing and pumping the perfect combination of your preferred power.

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